Friday, June 8, 2012

Standings Update: two down, four to go

First off, let us apologize for the delay getting results posted. We've had a record number of finishers so far this year and while that is great for the sport of gravel road racing, unfortunately it means more work on the back end. To make things easier, I'll be tracking the results from here and giving Chris a little break. Without further adieu...the results after two events are as follows:

In the chase for the Lord James cup and Pallas Athena frame-

Drew Wilson- 83 points

Joe Meiser- 78 points

Large groups tied at both 65 (finishers of both the Royal and Ragnarok) and at 60 (Almanzo and Ragnarok finishers).

 In the chase for the Lady Elizabeth cup and Three Stars frame-

Molly Cochran- 82 points

Sue Schroeder- 80 points

Double finishers of the Ragnarok and Almanzo 100 tied at 60.

Final standings are calculated based on just 5 finishes so many others are still right there!

Interest in all of these events has increased beyond our wildest dreams.  We will make some changes to the series scoring next year that will better reflect this increased participation and competition. 

Please see the sidebar for an explanation for the current point system. 

We will be doing our best to provide timely updates and content with regards to the chase.  Expect a few  small changes soon.


  1. Name correction: Sue Schroeder, not Sara. (Although rumor has it my parents considered naming me Sara.)

  2. Fixed- not sure where that came from.